'Gate', 2008
bamboo, metal, nylon,
wire, cord
height: 3.6 m
width: 4.9 m
depth: 2.1 m
This installation was created in collaboration with Susu Shuling Shih (Taiwan) at ComPeung, Village of Creativity, Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the beginning of January 2008.
'Walk On', 2007
bamboo, rope, ice, flowerpots with seedlings, electric lights, wire
height: 7.00 m
width: 7.50 m
depth: 28.00 m
These installations were created in January 2007 at ComPeung, Village of Creativity, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
'Walk On', (detail)
(at night)
'Guest-book house', bamboo, grass, string, electric light, wire, paper, clothes pegs, table, stools, pens, pencils
2.70 m (height) x 5.20 m x 4.50 m
'Guest-book house', (detail)
'Guest-book house', (detail)
'untitled', 2007
bamboo, wood, paper, metal, nylon line
height: 3.00 m
width: 2.60 m
depth: 0.07 m
'Walk On' is an installation made of pieces of bamboo representing walking legs. These legs cast a 'shadow' on the ground consisting of ice-blocks on which flowerpots with seedlings were placed. Once the ice had disappeared the seedlings were planted in the earth soaked by the water of the melted ice-blocks.

I used bamboo because it is a natural material which was plentiful available; it is flexible, tough, and easy to work with.

Ice was used because I like its transparency and its whiteness, but also because it makes visible a transformation process (ice becomes water) basic to nature, in which everything is constantly changing.

With 'Walk On', I want to encourage ComPeung to pursue its goals, to go on walking in the same direction, in harmony with its environment.

'Guest-book house' is a place where visitors can sit down, draw or scribble something on a piece of paper and attach it to a string.

It is meant to be a place where anyone present at ComPeung, visiting artists from a faraway country or a child living nearby, can leave his or her message and can have a look at what is already there.

It gives people coming to ComPeung an opportunity to express themselves, and by doing so to connect with each other symbolically.

'Untitled'. Nature for me has two aspects: chaos and order, depending on my mood I am attracted to the first or to the latter. This piece is about order, with it I want to make visible the simple contrast between day and night, sunset and sunrise.

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